[Video] Curepipe: Police Suspect Of An Overdose

The lifeless body of Jaganaden Varun, 22, was found in an abandoned house in Curepipe, at about 18hr30 on Monday, May 2. His friend, a teenager who was with him at the time when he got the attack, alerted his relatives who called the emergency unit and police assistance service. Arriving on spot, the inhabitant of Camp Caval was already dead and his body was transported to the morgue of the Candos hospital for autopsy purposes. Police suspect the death due to an overdose.

Watch video below:


According to a friend of the victim, they visited this abandoned house in the Victor Lamarque Street, Curepipe, to consume beer. “Une fois là-bas, Varun a commencé à avoir un malaise. Il est tombé. J’ai jeté de l’eau sur lui et il n’a eu aucune réaction. Mo’nn galoupé, mo’nn al get so granper ki res pré,” says the teenager.

The young man was interrogated by the Curepipe police in the presence of his mother. He said his friend seemed to be under the influence of drugs when they walked to the abandoned house. For their part, the relatives of Varun Jaganaden indicated that they knew that he was on drugs and he was going in that house with his friends to take drugs.