[VIDEO] Drama In GRSE: Skipper “Zot Inn Sante Ek Danse Dan Bato La”

The skipper Louis Marie Hayward said his boat capsizedbecause the passengers had begun to dance.


“Au moment où nous allions gagner la terre, ils se sont mis à sauter et à danser dans le bateau. Ils se sont retrouvés d’un seul côté. Le bateau s’est retourné d’un coup,” says Louis Hayward Marie to reporters  on Friday, June 10 as he left the court in Flacq.

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The skipper of 59 years is the subject of a provisional charge of manslaughter since the tragedy that killed four people in the waters of the Grande-Riviere-Sud-Est (GRSE) last Wednesday afternoon June 8.

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Watch video below:


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After the reconstitution of the circumstances of the tragedy in the morning of Friday, 10th of June, Louis Hayward Mary was presented again in court, where he obtained the conditional freedom after paying a bail of Rs 10,000 and signed an acknowledgment of debt of Rs 20,000.


Four people died in the wreck: Constable Chetalsing Mungur, 30, his son Navish, 7 months, police Urmila Mewa, 25, and Vaibhav Shamloll, 4 years old.