[VIDEO] Five Divers Rescued At Sea – The Diving Instructor: “Le Courant Était Trop fort”

Four tourists and their monitor had a great escaped last Thursday. They were rescued on the west of Coin de Mire.


Last Thursday morning around 9 AM, three groups of 13 divers boarded a yacht to go in the direction of Coin de Mire to dive in a spot known as the Lost Anchor. Each group was accompanied by a monitor.

Four tourists namely Mary Patricia Vecchio, a German woman of 51, and three Britons, Brian and Julie Anne Byrne, both aged 52, and Jeffrey Tibbles, 50, were accompanied by dive instructor Christophe Nadaud, 36. The latter, a French resident of Baie du Tombeau is married to a Mauritian. They began to plunge around 10:15 AM when at one point, while they were at a depth of 20 meters, the instructor made them sign up because, he explained later to the police that “the current was too strong.”

Once on the surface, they found that the boat was gone. They were then displaced by the flow of the sea. It was around 12:25 PM that two helicopters, aircraft Dornier, the Heavy Duty Boat (HDB), the CGS Rescuer and Defender ships were asked to conduct a research. Police Superintendent Shaylesh Gukhool and assistant police commissioner Vinod Domah oversaw the operation.


Watch video below:

Meanwhile, the five divers drifted to the large of the sea towards Grand-Gaube. A few hours later, with the tide, they found themselves behind the Coin de Mire, where they saw the police helicopter. Unfortunately, neither the pilots nor rescuers have seen them. Meanwhile, about twenty ships with volunteers were searching desperately for the divers. Shortly after 4:30 PM occupants of the Ayo boat with skipper Armand Chevreau saw them. The monitor was able to launch warning signals with the help of his landing parachute.

They were then taken to the Grand Baie Yacht Club. The tourists did not go to the hospital as they were feeling fine. Christophe Nadaud was questioned by sergeant Agathe of the National Coast Guard (NCG). The tourists then gave details of their misadventure to the officers of the NCG on Friday. The skipper Jean Bernard B. and helper who were on the boat will be examined by the Grand Bay police.