Video – Flood In France, Mauritians Testify

After several days of extreme rainfall, floods that made one dead have moved to Paris on Friday, June 3 where the threshold has reached 6 meters.

In Paris, the Zouave of the Alma bridge hips in water. This Parisian statue, which serves as a benchmark to see the rising waters of the Seine, confirms what is being indicated by the surveys: the river level continues to rise. It reached 5.37 meters on Thursday June 2, and then 5.64 meters on Friday, June 3

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The rising water should last until Friday afternoon May 3 to a peak of around 6.20 meters, slightly more than the 1982 flood. An impressive scene, testified Chloe, a resident of the port at Arsenal, on Radio Plus.

In the Parisian museums along La Seine, it was the battle of commotion to put part of the collections at the shelter; year to which officials are preparing for several years. The Museum in Louvre was closed to protect works, Ramen told a source, a Mauritian who lives in Paris.

Another Mauritian, a taxi driver in France who requested anonymity, explained that it is impossible to operate with heavy rains.