[VIDEO] Plaine Verte: A Car Unexpectedly Caught Fire

A Nissan car (vanette) caught fire in Plaine Verte in the afternoon today, June 20. The video was filmed by a fellow driver and was uploaded on social media.

Watch video below:


As you can see from the video above, the car quickly caught fire and the sound of tires bursting can be heard. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. Shocked, the driver and passenger were transported to the hospital.

Victim Transported To Hospital

The police of Plaine Verte has opened an investigation to know the cause of the fire. The victims will give their version in the coming hours as they are receiving medical care.



This happened at the Magon Street, Plaine Verte, at 4:20 PM on Monday 20th of June. A van was ravaged by fire, whose origin is still unknown. No injuries were reported.

The fire caused a traffic jam in the area. The situation returned to normal thereafter. Port Louis firefighters were summoned to the scene to keep the fire but the vehicle was completely destroyed by the flames.

The assistant superintendent of police (ASP) Salim Abdool Hossanee explains that at 4:24 PM the police were informed of the fire. “Nous n’avons pas pu mettre la main sur le conducteur jusqu’à présent. Nous ne pouvons pas dire comment le feu s’est propagé,” he told TELEPLUS.