[VIDEO] Poudre D’or: A Young Element Of SMF Deadly Hit

Tragic end to a young police officer assigned to the Special Mobile Force. Mouhayyddeer Abdool Quadir Khodabaccus aged 22 was hit while being on a motorcycle.

The drama took place in Pont Mallet, Poudre d’Or around 2:30 PM on Monday. The policeman, who was heading towards Rivière du Rempart grazed a parked taxi while overhauling it. He lost his balance and landed on the asphalt. An oncoming bus could not avoid him.

Mouhayyddeer Abdool Quadir Khodabaccus was rushed to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses. Doctors unfortunately found that he was already dead, saying the death was instantaneous.

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An autopsy by the head of the forensic department of the police, Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin and Dr. Harish Coomar Baichoo, attributed his death to multiple injuries.

In Morcellement St Antoine, Goodlands where he lived there is consternation among his family members. Feriale Khoda-baccus, the mother of Mouhayyddeer Abdool Quadir, is inconsolable since the announcement of this tragic news. “C’est très douloureux de perdre un enfant aussi jeune, je viens de perdre mon frère. Il était très amical, nous étions très proches. Même s’il est parti à un moment où nous entrons dans une période de jeûne, qui est considérée comme une bonne période, c’est toujours très dur de perdre son enfant,” says Feriale Khodabaccus.

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Visit of CP
Police Commissioner Mario Nobin was present to provide support to the family. He visited friends of Abdool Mouhayyddeer Quadir Khodabaccus. The latter had two years of service in the police force. “C’est une grande douleur pour toute la force policière. Nous sommes attristés qu’un de nos membres, qui est si jeune, ait perdu la vie.  J’accorderai toute l’aide nécessaire à la famille pour les funérailles,” says Mario Nobin.

Furthermore, he said that the police is conducting an intensive campaign to reduce the number of fatal accidents. “Le chiffre est fort depuis le début de l’année, mais la police fait de son mieux pour réduire le nombre d’accidents.  Il y a plusieurs opérations, nous sommes sur la bonne voie avec les campagnes de sensibilisation. Nous demandons l’aide de la population et des conducteurs et leur demandons de prendre conscience que lorsqu’ils sont au volant il y a des vies en jeu,” says Mario Nobin.

Following this accident, the taxi driver of50 years old and residing in Port-Louis, was questioned. The fifties explained that he had stopped to buy vegetables. He heard a loud noise and when he turned, he saw a bus and someone on the asphalt. After his interrogation, he was allowed to go home.

As for the bus driver, Dharmanand Beenud, a resident of Goodlands of 63 years old, was placed under arrest. He will be presented in court on Tuesday, where a provisional charge of manslaughter will be housed against him. In his testimony, the sexagenarian said he saw a motorcycle traveling at speed that grazed the taxi while trying to overtake. He could not do anything to avoid him, he said.

The investigation is conducted by inspectors Chamroo and Honajee and police officers from Poudre D’or, under the supervision of the assistant commissioner Domah, Divisional Commander of the North.

The funeral of Mouhayyddeer Abdool Quadir Khodabaccus was held on Tuesday morning at 10 AM.