[VIDEO] Quatres Bornes: A Man Launches Brick On Mayor’s BMW Car


The official car of the Mayor of Quatre-Bornes, Atmaram Sonoo was damaged around 11 am on Saturday, May 14; the windshield was hit and the rear window was shattered.

A street vendor who operates in the city center, not happy after the seizure of his “goyaves des chine”, have launched a brick on the official car of the Mayor, according to the testimony of the mayor’s driver.

This incident follows an operation on Saturday morning, May 14 by inspectors of the municipality of Quatre-Bornes. With the support from the police, the inspectors gave hawkers operating in the city a contravention. Articles were seized, but the operation conducted has not proceeded without incidents.


Ramprakash D., hawker aged 54, expressed his dissatisfaction. He went to the town of Quatre-Bornes in order to meet the mayor, Atmaram Sonoo.

After meeting the Mayor, Ramprakash D. then launched a brick on the official car of Atmaram Sonoo that was in the courtyard of the town hall; thus damaging the windshield and the rear window.

Ramprakash D. was arrested by the police and taken to the police station of Quatre-Bornes. He will be presented before the Bail and Remand Court on Sunday, May 15.

Watch testimony of the driver of the mayor in the video: