[VIDEO] Touching Story: Shanti Feeding Stray Dogs At Terre Rouge

Meet Shanti who is a pensioner and feeds the stray dogs regularly whenever she has food available. However, she’s having problems to feed them because she lacks money to buy food for them every day. She wants the public to help stray dogs around. These dogs can be found at the round about of Terre Rouge. They are like our pets too. If you ignore any other animals you see, be it a pet or a stray one then you do not have a heart. And you do not deserve to have a pet at home. We have to show respect to this lady for showing respect and gratitude to those animals.

Watch video below:


Stray dogs are dogs without a master and living without shelter. They are never aggressive but calm except that they will look for food everywhere and sometimes, in dustbins causing disturbance and a mess around. This is what makes us annoyed with stray dogs but when you think well, they are just around looking for shelter, food and love.

Protect them please.