[VIDEO] Trianon: Two College Students Do Car Drifting In BMW And Porsche

A Porsche and a BMW was in place to ensure the show. In early May, two schoolboys of 17, both in Upper Six, were driving the cars and made drifts on the ground of their school.

The penalty dropped last week and they were suspended for ten days. The driver of the BMW is the son of a member of the government, while the one who was driving the Porsche is the son of a businessman.

“Ce spectacle a eu lieu durant la première semaine du mois,” said a source.


Alerted by the roar of engines, the staff of the administration rushed to the field. The two students were taken to the office of the rector and their parents were summoned. The teenagers were then suspended for ten days. However, the two students involved “must always come to school because they are in Upper Six, a member of the administration staff made known. They must stay in the library. They can not go in the classroom and on the field. It’s the school policy.”

Watch video in the parking lot at Trianon below: