[Ville Noire] – A Teen Of 16 Severely Injured By A Flying Metal Sheet

Prakash, 16 of age residing Ville Noire, Mahebourg could see danger coming right at him, but there just wasn’t enough time to avoid it.
And when a huge chunk of metal struck him, his father says he felt the pain right away and went unconscious with a shout.

“The shock wasn’t as bad as it is right now for us, I don’t know why, but it was a really sharp cut near his neck,” said Sanjay*, the father of the victim.

It happened in the blink of an eye. 16 year-old Prakash is currently admitted to the intensive care unit of the Jeetoo Hospital. His father told a source that they did not notice the metal sheet coming towards them after going on the first floor of their house to fix their TV satellite.

It pierced him in the back of his right shoulder. The father testimony says that he was busy instructing his son fixing the TV satellite when the incident happened, but there wasn’t enough time to swerve out of the way.


“It made a loud noise, so I’m thinking that the TV satellite just fell down after my son mishandled it. I then hear my son screaming. He’s just screaming, and I can see the blood running on his chest, shoulder and his back,” said Sanjay, the victim’s father.

It was a horrifying moment for Prakash’s father, who says in a moment of panic. He immediately called for help and the ambulance. The latter said the ambulance did not delay to come at their place, luckily since his son was bleeding a lot and was unconscious.

“I’m in shock, I don’t even know how deep it is, or what exactly it is, or how sharp it is, or how far did it go inside of him. That’s my biggest concern and exactly where in his body is it,” Sanjay said.

That piece of metal, poked through his back of the neck or near his shoulder. “It was unbelievable. I didn’t imagine that such a thing could happen,” Sanjay said. It happened just before 4 PM on Wednesday, May 11 after my son returned from school.

Prakash needed nine stitches for the huge gash on his back.
Police of Mahebourg still don’t know where the metal came from, but say it may be a loose piece of metal sheet that may have been pushed by the huge winds in our region at the moment.


Prakash’s father is just grateful it didn’t hit any arteries or bones and that the injuries weren’t permanent, or even worse, fatal. “He was a trooper; I have to say, I think I was in bigger shock than he was. I mean all this time he hasn’t shed a tear or anything you know he’s been strong,” Sanjay said, emotionally.

Doctors at Jeetoo Hospital were initially going to release him to the casualty room, but decided instead to keep him in the ICU for a few days for observation purposes since the cut is near his neck. He should make a full recovery, but he will need crutches in the meantime.