Weʼre Raising Money To A Mauritian Family Living In Dire Conditions, Feeding On Bread & Butter/Sugar, A Blind Mum In Need Of Surgery Due To Medical Negligence

This is the story of 13 years young Ayesha, a beautiful young girl who lives in Mauritius, at La Rue Cotton, Plaine Verte.

Unfortunate circumstances forced her to leave school, turning her into a “stay-at-home mum”. She’s caring for her 37 years old mum, who became blind as a result of an alleged medical negligence. She is also caring for her 61 years old father, who is a pensioner and only receives a monthly allowance of Rs 5,000 MUR. Along with her parents, she’s also the acting-mum of her 4 years young little brother, from getting him ready for bedtime, to preparing him for school.

Ayesha has no choice.

It has been revealed that this family mainly lives on bread and butter, or bread and sugar, or bread cooked with stir fried onions.

Through this crowdfunding, we are hoping to raise enough funds that will allow the mum to undergo surgery that will help get her sight back. We are also looking to relocate the family to better housing conditions.

In 2016, it is highly unacceptable to have families still living in such conditions, where the beds get soaked when it rains.

We want Ayesha to go back to school and live a normal life. We want Ayesha’s mum to get her sight back and look after her family.

Together, we can make this happen.

Watch video below:

This is a desperate call for your generosity, if you can spare $10 each, this will make a huge difference to this family.

– You have the power to change this family’s fate.

– You have the power to send Aisha back to school.

– You have the power to provide them with humane living conditions.

– You have the power to change this.

Ayesha has no choice, but you have a choice.

Please donate generously.

Thank you.