[Beau Bassin] The Joy Of Being A Beaubassinois!

Everyone should be proud of the community they live in. We definitely do not live in a flawless town or village but living happily and in peace is what connects us as neighbors and thus, making each town/village special in its own way. Today we shall explore some of the joys of living in Beau Bassin.
Located in the Plaines Wilhems District, the town of Beau Bassin- Rose Hill is inhabited by around 112,000 people. Mr Fong Suk Koon Ken Fat is currently the mayor of the town.

View Point Cascadelle and Jardin Balfour

Jardin balfour
The View Point Cascadelle offers some panoramic views for visitors. One can easily admire the serenity of the waters that form the Grand River North East and the Reduit roundabout is also seen from the view point. The majestic waterfall, the breathtaking greeneries, the fresh air and echoing sounds are all to be experienced and felt at any cost if one is visiting this beautiful space.


Jardin Balfour is mostly liked by children and youngsters who definitely do not miss the chance of spending quality time with friends and relatives thanks to the many fun games available there. There is also a small corner for visitors to watch centenary tortoises.
The tranquility of the surrounding and pleasant chirping of birds at Jardin Balfour should undeniably not to be missed while visiting Jardin Balfour!

Serge Alfred Swimming Pool

serge alfred 2
The Serge Alfred Swimming Pool does not only provide a platform for youngsters to showcase their swimming ability by joining a club but also, it provides a great opportunity to unwind oneself during weekends. The swimming pool is visited by all, be it children, teenagers or elder ones. The swimming pool is also an alternative for many who can’t go to the seaside often.

Promenades and Family Gardens for one and all

Whether one is looking for a place to chat leisurely with friends and family members, or seeking a place for jogging and exercising, the town Beau Bassin has many spaces to offer for its inhabitants. Promenade Roland Armand, Germain Comarmond Family Garden, Jardin Cavalot are just some of the places of interest that are available for Beaubassinois.

Author: Angkush Poonye