Rose Belle Village

Rose-Belle is a village located in the south east of Mauritius. It is found in Grand Port district and it is situated approximately ten kilometers west of the district’s well known village, Mahebourg. The village has a population of about 13000.
If you happen to be in the vicinity of this beautiful village, make sure that you have a look at the following!

Vieux Moulin Shopping Centre:

Vieux Moulin
Different shops with a variety of goods can be bought. From stylish and trendy clothing (e.g, PrideMark, Tulsidas, Body & Soul) to latest and modern accessories, the shops display many choices for consumers.
Food Court (KFC, Pizza, Indian & Chinese food etc); tasty meals are always on the menu of the food shops. They are just a few steps away!
Winners Supermarket; the outlet gets even nearer to you while you are having a good time in one of the corners of Vieux Moulin Shopping Centre!
Cine Metropolitan: Feel like going out for a movie with friends or relatives at night? You no longer have to go to Curepipe or to Bagatelle because choices got wider since a while!

Commercial Center Rose Belle
The Famous ‘Madame Lolo’ River:

The view is a picturesque one for passersby. The bridge was constructed during the colonial period. It was built with stones and iron and it represents a monument for the inhabitants. The greenness makes the surrounding atmosphere soothing. Religious ceremonies are also often done near the river. The river is thus not only a symbolic of the colonial period in Mauritius but also a spiritual place to be for many. Make sure to visit this one, it could be more than just a river for you just like for many others!

Rose Belle Bridge
The Rose Belle fair
The fair is indeed an animated one. From dynamic fruit and vegetable sellers as well as sellers of other different products to enthusiastic buyers, the fair is always a lively (but possibly tiring as well on hotter days) place to be. The fair is also visited by foreigners who never seem to be disappointed by the Mauritian culture!
There are also educational institutions (primary and secondary schools) in the village that welcome hundreds of children to forge part of their future.
And not to forget, the well-known Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital is located in Rose Belle.