The Village Of 16eme Mille

16eme Mille is a small village tucked away near Forest Side. The chilly weather and the prevailing tranquility is what makes the village unique. Here are some attractions of the village:
Places of worship

16eme Mille
16eme mille has places of worship. These include 16eme mille Mata Kali Mandir, the Hari Hara Devasthanam, the village’s mosque and the Himachal Sabha. Tourists are often also seen visiting the worship places. Every year, the village makes full preparation for the Maha Shivratree festival with great enthusiasm by working collectively in constructing Kawar. Moreover, the village also celebrates the Holi festival with utmost zeal and zest that attracts the attention of many.

Places Of Worship 16eme Mille

The community Centre
The community centre provides many facilities for the inhabitants. Elder people living in the village are often invited for lunch and at the end of each year, gifts and certificates are given to the former as a sign of respect and to acclaim their achievements and contribution towards the village’s welfare.

Yoga classes and fun activities are organized for one and all to ensure that the inhabitants are living in a healthy and dynamic society. Vaccines for older adults are provided so as to ensure that the health of elders are not at risk.
During school holidays, the community centre organizes recreational activities for children and teenagers of the village. Winners are awarded with medals and certificates.
The greeneries
16eme Mille is full of greeneries. The ever cool atmosphere is a sure advantage for joggers to do their daily exercises in a non-polluted environment while admiring the greeneries. The Mont Vert Nature Walk is situated near the village and it is indeed a fantastic space to trail. Nature lovers will surely enjoy discovering the endemic species of the flora.

Author: Angkush Poonye